Fiber Expansion

Higher speeds

Fiber internet provides dramatically better upload speeds. Ideal for gaming, work-from-home, and video calls with grandma. 

Stable Internet

Fiber offers stability that traditional coax internet simply can’t. Fiber is impacted less by peak internet usage times, and stays stable all day long.

Weather Proof

Fiber internet uses buried fiber optic lines to deliver lightspeed internet to your home. A falling tree branch will no longer disconnect you from the world!

Sign up for fiber

For a limited time, we’ll upgrade your internet service package to fiver for only $5.00 more a month. Sign up today to lock in this promotional rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this impact my bill?

For a limited time, upgrading your existing internet plan from traditional internet to fiber internet will increase your monthly rate by $5.00 p/month.

When will you upgrade me?

Fiber optic upgrades are rolling out in waves. A Tel-Star representative will contact you when your internet package will be upgraded to fiber.