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Choose the Internet speed that’s right for you
Up to a gig!

Lite Internet

Up to10Mbps1 Mbps upload speeds


  • For Light Usage *
  • Web Browsing
  • Social Media
  • Email


$33.95/mo.  plus tax
with NO contract

high-speed Internet

Up to100Mbps10 Mbps upload speeds


  • 4-6 Devices
  • Unlimited Data
  • Multiple Video Streams
  • Download Large Files


$50.00/ tax
for 6 months$59.95/mo. after initial offerwith NO contract  

enhanced Internet

Up to200Mbps20 Mbps upload speeds


  • 8 – 12 Devices
  • Unlimited Data
  • Multiple HD Video Streams
  • Great for Gamers


$79.95/ tax
with NO contract

Amplified Internet

Up to500Mbps50 Mbps upload speeds


  • 12 – 20 Devices
  • Unlimited Data
  • 4K Video Streams
  • High-Performance Gaming


$102.95/ tax
with NO contract  

Accelerated Internet

Up to1000Mbps50 Mbps upload speeds


  • Over 12 Devices
  • Unlimited Data
  • Multiple 4K Video Streams
  • Ultimate Performance Gaming


$139.95/ tax
with NO contract  

* Data limit of 200 GB per month.
† Unlimited data per the Internet Service Agreement
‡ For new customers in our current service locations.

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Whole home WIFI

What is Eero Whole Home Wifi?

Tel-Star Communications is proud to be partnering with Eero, to provide whole-home WiFi.  Eero is a simple to use WiFi system that covers your entire home in fast, reliable WiFi. With a network that expands to fit your needs, you’ll finally be able to stream, work, and play from every corner of your home — and from the backyard, too.

From day one, eero TrueMesh software begins learning from and optimizing for your space, devices, and network usage. So every device gets a reliable connection all the time, everywhere in your home.

How Much is eero?

Eero mesh wifi routers are $7.00/mo for 2 modules ($12.00/mo. including required modem) and $3.00/mo for additional modules.

What is Eero Secure and Eero Secure+

Increased access brings increased risk. Eero Secure is the only service you need to keep you and your family’s personal information, devices, and network protected from online threats. Real time threat scans with Eero Secure prevent malicious sites from loading. Family safe content filtering and ad blocking can also help customize and streamline your internet experience. Eero Secure+ includes:

  • VPN to browse the web privately and securely.
  • 1Password password manager which can safely create, store, and share unique passwords in one central place, to help you stop using the same simple password everywhere
  • Malwarebytes, which scans, cleans, and protects your computers and mobile devices from viruses, ransomware, and more.

More information is available at

Test your internet speed with Speedtest.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a modem?

Yes. All internet service requires the use of a DOCSIS 3 modem. Modem rentals are available for $5.00/mo.

Why do I lose connectivity regularly, and have to unplug the modem to reboot it?

It is possible this could be a router issue instead of a modem issue. Try bypassing the router and directly hooking into the modem for trouble shooting and please call tech support at 888-529-5694.

Is Anti-Virus Protection Provided?

We do not provide any anti-virus protection. It is up to the individual to provide this.

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