Internet Service

Double the Speed, Not the Price...


Choose the Internet speed that’s right for you
Up to a gig!

Lite Internet

Up to10Mbps1 Mbps upload speeds


  • For Light Usage *
  • Web Browsing
  • Social Media
  • Email


$33.95/mo.  plus tax
with NO contract

high-speed Internet

Up to100Mbps10 Mbps upload speeds


  • 4-6 Devices
  • Unlimited Data
  • Multiple Video Streams
  • Download Large Files


$40.00/mo.  plus tax
for 6 months$59.95/mo. after initial offerwith NO contract  

enhanced Internet

Up to200Mbps20 Mbps upload speeds


  • 8 – 12 Devices
  • Unlimited Data
  • Multiple HD Video Streams
  • Great for Gamers


$79.95/ tax
with NO contract

Amplified Internet

Up to500Mbps50 Mbps upload speeds


  • 12 – 20 Devices
  • Unlimited Data
  • 4K Video Streams
  • High-Performance Gaming


$102.95/ tax
with NO contract  

Accelerated Internet

Up to1000Mbps50 Mbps upload speeds


  • Over 12 Devices
  • Unlimited Data
  • Multiple 4K Video Streams
  • Ultimate Performance Gaming


$139.95/ tax
with NO contract  

* Data limit of 200 GB per month.
† Unlimited data per the Internet Service Agreement
‡ For new customers in our current service locations.

Test your internet speed with Speedtest.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a modem?

All internet service requires the use of a DOCSIS 3 modem. Modem Rentals are available for $5.00/mo. or Wifi Modem/Routers for $8.95/mo.

Why do I lose connectivity regularly, and have to unplug the modem to reboot it?

It is possible this could be a router issue instead of a modem issue. Try bypassing the router and directly hooking into the modem for trouble shooting and please call tech support at 888-529-5694.

Is Anti-Virus Protection Provided?

We do not provide any anti-virus protection. It is up to the individual to provide this.

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