out of this world internet

Tel-Star isn’t your normal internet service provider. We prioritize blazing fast speeds and other worldly customer service. When you call our office (seriously, give us a call!), you’ll be connected to a living, breathing earthling.

what’s a meal on the moon called?

 a satellite dish

we shoot for the stars on customer service

We’re a local business, committed to providing high-quality internet and services to our community. We do this because we’re a part of the community we serve. We’re your neighbors, and we want to be good neighbors.

Locally owned and operated, Tel-Star Communications has been bringing rural Central Illinois residents home entertainment with cable service since 1989.

Tel-Star is committed to providing customers with quality cable, internet, and digital telephone services. We also provide highly trained technicians and genuine customer service to assist our valued customers.

We’re sending texts
from a new number!

(201) 431-3284

If you receive a message from (201) 431-3284 confirming an official Tel-Star appointment or confirmation, don’t worry! That’s us – we just have a new number!

high speed internet

high speed internet plans
provide other worldly speeds

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cutting edge TV

HD channels that provide
out of this world entertainment

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crystal clear phone

crystal clear phone service
unlimited local & long distance

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check out our space bundles

High speed + phone

data for 4-6 devices
unlimited calls
high voice quality
local and long distance

from $71.50/mo

High speed + basic

over 60 unique channels
HD channels included
high quality video streaming
data for 4-6 devices

from $146.68/mo

High speed + basic + family entertainment

all standard and HD channels
digital music channels
data for 4-6 devices
and so much more!

from $222.18/mo

Ready to blast off into better internet?

We aren’t your regular internet company. Call us to find out how we take pride in being a local internet company who truly cares about our customers.