Cable Entertainment

Lifeline Basic


20+ Channels

20+ channels
Local network
Top cable channels
No contract

$55.00 / Month

Expanded Basic


60+ Channels

60+ channels
Local network
Top cable channels
Optional HD set-top
No contract

$95.59 / Month

Family Entertainment


80+ Channels

80+ channels
HD + music channels
Top cable channels
HD set-top included
No contract

$119.24 / Month

Family Platinum


100+ Channels

80+ channels
HD + music channels
Premium channels
HD set-top included
No contract

$162.99 / Month

* Data limits apply
**  See AUP for data limits
† Unlimited data per the Internet Service Agreement
‡ For new customers in our current service locations.

Experience whole home
wifi with Eero

Tel-Star Communications is proud to be partnering with Eero, to provide whole-home WiFi. Eero is a simple to use WiFi system that covers your entire home in fast, reliable WiFi. With a network that expands to fit your needs, you’ll finally be able to stream, work, and play from every corner of your home — and from the backyard, too.

With Eero, every device gets a reliable connection all the time, everywhere in your home.

How much is Eero?

Eero mesh wifi routers are $7.00/mo for 2 modules ($12.00/mo. including required modem) and $3.00/mo for additional modules.

What are Eero Secure and Eero Secure+

Increased access brings increased risk. Eero Secure is the only service you need to keep you and your family’s personal information, devices, and network protected from online threats. Real time threat scans with Eero Secure prevent malicious sites from loading. Family safe content filtering and ad blocking can also help customize and streamline your internet experience. Eero Secure+ includes:

  • VPN to browse the web privately and securely.
  • 1Password password manager which can safely create, store, and share unique passwords in one central place, to help you stop using the same simple password everywhere
  • Malwarebytes, which scans, cleans, and protects your computers and mobile devices from viruses, ransomware, and more.

More information is available at

Frequently asked support questions

What is a QAM tuner?

QAM stands for quadrature amplitude modulation. In regard to cable, it is the cable equivalent to an ATSC tuner and allows your TV to tune in to digital or HD channels.

Do TV's have QAM Tuners built-in?

Many TVs made after 2006 come equipped with a QAM tuner. Most Emerson, Hitachi, Insignia, LG, Polaroid, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TCL, Toshiba, and Visio televisions have built-in QAM tuners. Many economical brands such as Colby, Element, HiSense, Proscan, RCA, Sceptre, Seiki, and Westinghouse do not have QAM tuners.

How can I find out if my TV has a tuner?

Check the manual or manufacturer’s web site, they might say something along the lines of “Built-in digital tuner (ATSC/Clear QAM)”. Also, if you notice that your television remote has a “-” or “.” buttons, your device likely has a QAM tuner, as QAM #’s are formated as 56-3 or 56.3.

How much does a set-up converter cost?

A HD set-top converter would be $12/month, and a HD/DVR would be $12/month.

Do I need digital equipment for premium TV?

Yes, you would need either a HD set-top converter or an HD/DVR. A HD set-top converter is included with Family and Premium Packages.

Do you have whole-home DVR service?

At this time we do not carry whole-home DVR.

How much are additional set-up converters?

Additional HD set-top converters for Expanded Basic, Family, and Premium packages would be $10/month.

Can I Upgrade my convert to an HD/DVR?

Upgrading to an HD/DVR would be no additional cost!

How much are additional HD/DVR units?

Additional HD/DVR units for Expanded Basic, Family, and Premium packages would be $10/ month.

High speed and
digital phone

from $71.50 / mo

Home broadband

Data for 4-6 devices

Unlimited calls

Local & Long Distance

High Voice Quality