internet packages

Affordable, high quality internet

High speed internet



 10 Mbps upload

 4-6 Devices**

 Multiple Video Streams

 Download Large Files

No contract

from $59.95 / mo

Enhanced internet



 20 Mbps upload

 8 – 12 devices**

 Multiple HD video streams

 Great for gamers

No contract

from $79.95 / mo

Amplified internet



 Unlimited data †

 50 Mbps upload

 12 – 20 devices

 4K video streams

 High-performance gaming

No contract

from $89.95 / mo

Accelerated internet



 Unlimited data †

 50 Mbps upload

 20+ devices

 Multiple 4K video streams

 Unlimited performance gaming

No contract

from $99.95 / mo

* Data limits apply

**  See AUP for data limits

† Unlimited data per the Internet Service Agreement
‡ For new customers in our current service locations.

Is Installing Fiber Internet Fast?

Installing fiber optic internet has never been easier! With Tel-Star Communication’s professional installation team, fiber installation can be completed in a few hours. To schedule a fiber installation, call Tel-Star Communications today to discuss what packages are available in your region. 

Once you’ve scheduled your fiber installation, your account representative will coordinate with our installation team to draw a fiber line to your commercial business or residential home. Fiber opens up a new horizon of internet capabilities.

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Do I need a modem?

Yes. All internet service requires the use of a DOCSIS 3 modem. Modem rentals are available for $5.00/mo.

Why am I losing connection regularly?

It is possible this could be a router issue instead of a modem issue.

Try bypassing the router and directly hooking into the modem for trouble shooting and please call tech support at 888-529-5694.

What modems work with Tel-Star internet?

A large variety of modems work with Tel-Star internet. Please visit our modem page to learn more about compatibility.

Is anti-virus connection included?

We do not provide any anti-virus protection. It is up to the individual to provide this.

High speed and
digital phone

from $81.50 / mo

Home broadband

Data for 4-6 devices

Unlimited calls

Local & Long Distance

High Voice Quality